Authorized applicator

At North Coast Exteriors, we understand that rust stains can mar the beauty of your property’s exterior surfaces, leaving an unsightly and unwelcome impression. Has a bright orange stain on your walls or concrete ever left you scratching your head? It looks like rust but there’s not exposed metal anywhere in the area. You wouldn’t think it, but things around the house commonly have iron oxide in them. Certain fertalizers and even the fill dirt for new construction can create mystery rust stains on your outdoor surfaces. Sometimes it comes from old patio furniture or even the wrong buiding hardware can leave the unsightly stains. That’s why we proudly offer our specialized rust stain removal service, powered by the exceptional F9 BARC (Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner) rust stain removal product. Our commitment to delivering top-notch exterior cleaning solutions sets us apart, and our rust removal service is no exception.

As an authorized applicator we not only belong to an exclusive list of cleaners around the country trusted by F9 to represent their product with pride, but we also have access to specialized training only available to authorized appplicators.

The F9 Barc Advantage:

Our rust removal process revolves around the remarkable F9 Barc rust stain removal product, renowned for its unparalleled effectiveness and safety. F9 BARC is not just a rust remover; it’s a revolutionary formula designed to tackle the toughest rust stains while preserving the environment. Our skilled technicians employ F9 Barc to restore your surfaces to their original splendor, without causing harm to nearby plants, animals, or aquatic life.

Our Unique Process:

At North Coast Exteriors, we understand that every rust stain situation is unique. That’s why we’ve developed a specialized process that ensures outstanding results tailored to your specific needs:

  1. Assessment: Our experts begin by assessing the extent of rust staining on your surfaces. This step allows us to determine the most effective approach for removing the stains while safeguarding your property’s integrity.
  2. Preparation: Before we commence the rust removal process, we take careful measures to protect surrounding vegetation, animals, and aquatic habitats. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that our process leaves no negative impact on the environment. Before treating rust stains, we first do a basic cleaning to remove all dirt and other organics like algae, mildew, grass stains, bird droppings etc.
  3. F9 Barc Application: Using F9 Barc, our skilled technicians meticulously apply the rust removal solution to affected areas. This powerful product penetrates the rust stains at their core, breaking down the rust and lifting it away without compromising the integrity of your surfaces.
  4. Gentle Rinse: After allowing F9 Barc to work its magic, alow the solution to dry completely. We perform a gentle yet thorough rinse, if necessary, to reveal the stunning results. You’ll be amazed at how your surfaces transform right before your eyes.
  5. Environmental Responsibility: As proud stewards of the environment, we ensure that our rust removal process remains entirely safe for the natural world around your property. You can trust that we prioritize the well-being of plants, animals, and aquatic life during every step of the process.


At North Coast Exteriors, we’re not just removing rust stains;

we’re restoring your property’s allure and curb appeal. Our F9 Barc-powered rust stain removal service showcases our dedication to using innovative, safe, and environmentally responsible solutions. With us, you’re not just getting a service—you’re experiencing a transformation that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Contact us today to learn more about how our rust removal service can revitalize your property’s appearance while protecting the environment we all share. Trust North Coast Exteriors to deliver exceptional results that truly shine!