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House Washing Services

For most of us, buying a home will be life’s biggest purchase. Whether you own one or multiple, once you buy a home the real work begins. We have a lawn to maintain, maybe a pool to keep clean, repairs and upgrades to make on top of all of our other responsibilities. With all that it’s easy to lose sight of the exterior of your home. The years go by and before you know it, the outside is looking rough. Now all of a sudden your roof is covered in algae, your gutters are clogged and you have weird black and green stains all over the walls. Unchecked, organic staining will start to root into your stucco and chip it away.

We offer a premium house washing service that will kill organic growth and stop the damage in it’s tracks. We use a proprietary blend of algaecide soap to coat your home’s exterior walls. Then, with our industrial grade equipment, we rinse your walls with warm water leaving it refreshed and feeling new. There is nothing quite like driving up to a freshly washed home. Now you and your family can enjoy your biggest investment without having to look up and see dirt, mildew, bird poop, and cob webs everywhere.

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We guarantee that you will see significant results from one of our house washing services, as we methodically clean the exterior of your home from top to bottom.

Our cleaners are safe and environmentally friendly, so there will be no harm for you, your pets, your building supplies, or your surrounding vegetation. Maintaining the exterior of your home properly will help to improve the longevity of your building materials, the appearance of your home, and your home’s value, as well.

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How do you clean the outside of your house?2022-07-18T21:22:42+00:00

We use environmentally friendly products and commercial equipment to wash your home safely and effectively.

Keep in mind that home power washing units are not suitable for large-scale jobs like house washes. They often cause more damage than what was intended. Always consult a professional.

How often should I wash the outside of my house?2022-07-18T21:21:34+00:00

We typically recommend a home to be washed annually. Many times HOAs in San Diego County will require it once it becomes a visible problem.

Is house washing worth it?2022-07-18T21:19:46+00:00

Absolutely! House washing is essential in the southern California climate to keep organic growth, like algae and mildew, from damaging the walls of your home.

How much does it cost to wash a home?2022-07-18T21:19:08+00:00

Prices vary based on size and the type of finish of a home. A standard 2-story stucco home will cost around $300 to wash.

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