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The pressure washing professionals at North Coast Exteriors are based out of Carlsbad California. We take pride in servicing America’s finest city. When you drive around town you’ve likely passed a business or home that we’ve cleaned but not known it. We provide high-quality exterior cleaning services for residents in Carlsbad and all of San Diego County, Orange County, and Temecula.

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Roof Washing

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House Washing

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Surface Cleaning

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Gutter Cleaning

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Solar Panel Cleaning

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About Us

When you buy a home the real work begins.

We maintain our gardens, keep our pools blue, we upgrade our rooms, and clean regularly. Every few years we call a painter or maybe build an add-on, but how often do you think about cleaning the outside? Maybe you’ve noticed some stains forming but it’s too much to clean with a hose so it becomes normal. You train your brain to tune it out and focus on all of the other responsibilities of life.

Your life’s biggest investment,

the home where your children grow up, becomes neglected year after year. Then one day you notice the stucco is falling apart and the concrete has gone from gray to black but replacing those things will cost a fortune! If only you could turn back time, regular cleaning would have saved you a fortune in the long run. That’s where we come in.

North Coast Exteriors is here to provide you with high quality professional pressure washing and exterior cleaning to give you a home that you can be proud of. Browse our site. We guarantee that you’ll find a service that your home is in need of.

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