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Common Pressure Washing Questions2023-02-06T21:32:32+00:00

Common Pressure Washing Questions 

How often should windows be cleaned?2022-07-18T21:35:51+00:00

Windows should be cleaned annually but some homeowners often do this twice per year – once in the spring and again before the holiday season.

What is the difference between window washing and window cleaning?2022-07-18T21:35:18+00:00

Typically, “washing” implies a full deep cleaning but the two terms are used interchangeably.

How much does it cost to wash one window?2022-07-18T21:34:38+00:00

We charge between $12 and $15 dollars per window. That includes interior and exterior glass, screens, and interior tracks.

What is the best way to clean solar panels?2022-07-18T21:32:48+00:00

Solar panels should be washed with mild soap and rinsed with deionized water.

How often should solar panels be cleaned?2022-07-18T21:32:16+00:00

Annual cleaning is recommended to ensure you’re earning as much energy as possible to support your home and lifestyle.

Is solar panel cleaning worth it?2022-07-18T21:29:56+00:00

Per the Department of Energy, regular cleaning is necessary for solar panels to operate at full capacity.

How much does it cost to clean my solar panels?2022-07-18T21:29:24+00:00

We charge $15 per solar panel with a $200 minimum.

How often should I clean my gutters?2022-07-18T21:28:51+00:00

Gutters should be free-flowing at all times. We recommend an annual inspection at a minimum to prevent damage.

Are gutters worth cleaning?2022-07-18T21:27:58+00:00

Gutter cleaning is essential for water to flow from the roof properly. If your gutters clog, in time the poor water flow will damage the home’s siding, concrete, and garden.

How can I clean my gutters without a ladder?2022-07-18T21:27:26+00:00

There are extension poles on the market that attach to a home pressure washer or shop vac systems, but typically you cannot do a thorough gutter cleaning without the use of a ladder.

What is the average cost of gutter cleaning in my area?2022-07-18T21:26:41+00:00

A standard-sized home in your area will cost around $250 for a full gutter cleaning.

What does it mean to clean a surface anyway?2022-07-18T21:25:49+00:00

When we clean an outdoor surface we use hot water and environmentally friendly products to remove all organic staining like dirt, mildew, and algae.

Stains such as rust, calcium, paint, oil, etc. are not considered organic and will result in an extra charge for specialty products.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a garage floor?2022-07-18T21:25:05+00:00

We have a minimum trip charge that varies based on the time of year. A standard 2-car garage usually falls under the minimum charge.

How much do you charge per square foot for surface cleaning?2022-07-18T21:24:01+00:00

We charge anywhere from $0.10 and $0.35 per sq. ft. depending on the size and type of surface needing to be cleaned.

How much does surface concrete cleaning cost?2022-07-18T21:23:26+00:00

Prices vary based on types of concrete, sealed or not sealed, colored or not, and the type of stains present. Typically, surface cleaning will cost anywhere between $0.10 and $0.35 per sq. ft.

How do you clean the outside of your house?2022-07-18T21:22:42+00:00

We use environmentally friendly products and commercial equipment to wash your home safely and effectively.

Keep in mind that home power washing units are not suitable for large-scale jobs like house washes. They often cause more damage than what was intended. Always consult a professional.

How often should I wash the outside of my house?2022-07-18T21:21:34+00:00

We typically recommend a home to be washed annually. Many times HOAs in San Diego County will require it once it becomes a visible problem.

Is house washing worth it?2022-07-18T21:19:46+00:00

Absolutely! House washing is essential in the southern California climate to keep organic growth, like algae and mildew, from damaging the walls of your home.

How much does it cost to wash a home?2022-07-18T21:19:08+00:00

Prices vary based on size and the type of finish of a home. A standard 2-story stucco home will cost around $300 to wash.

How much is a soft clean for a roof? 2022-07-18T21:14:43+00:00
Prices vary based on the size and accessibility of the roof, but a standard 2000 sq. ft. home will cost anywhere from $800-$1200.
Is soft washing a roof worth it?2022-07-18T21:13:49+00:00
Soft washing enhances the natural aesthetic of your home’s roofing material, but it also preserves the integrity of your roof so you can get the full life of your tiles.
Is washing your roof a good idea?2022-07-18T21:12:47+00:00
Not only does roof washing make a house stand out in the neighborhood, but it also preserves the integrity of your roof so you won’t have to replace it prematurely.
How much does it cost to clean off a roof?2022-07-18T21:09:12+00:00
Pricing varies based on size and roofing material, but generally, roof cleaning of a standard track home will cost anywhere between $800 and $1200.

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